Akademirommet is located in the back of Kunstnernes Hus and is run by the Art Academy of Fine Art in Oslo since late 2014. Akademirommet is situated in a former professor studio and classroom that has been used by the Academy from the 1930s–90s. As a space with many doors, Akademirommet invites students to contribute to a future dialogue on exhibiting and to continuously explore methodologies and boundaries. The program encompasses all forms of public presentations, ranging from a constellation of works to performances, interventions, publications, panel discussions, screenings or workshops. By circumventing common reservations about student galleries, it operates as a link between generations, temporalities and localities, between local and international communities.
Upcoming events
28–31 Jan 2021 (12:00–17:00)
Kunstnernes hus - baksiden
In Research of the Miraculous

Looking for a very small whole? Behind a pinhole, there are fragments of the unknown. Hearing the voices getting through? Up side,

side down. We take place in separate units, to parttake strange and unexpectable moments on each side of our lenses, or even within a miraculous Lense.

What does the word “understand” mean?

If we are the miracles, it would be undefined per se.

Kunstnere: Solveig Ylva Dagsdottir, Ingrid K. Bjørnaali og Maria Storm-Gran et al. Sangere er Victoria Oftestad og Vera Sonne.