Breadbox Contemporary is an artist driven gallery space situated in the cafeteria at the National Academy of Art, Oslo initiated by Kaare Ruud in 2019 and now run by BA student Jasper Siverts. With no other particular agendas but to research what you can do in a small-scale space that reacts with the noise and setting of a highly trafficated feeding machine in the background. With pure intentions only, Breadbox is trying to connect the SiO cafeteria to your daily exposure of art, and make use of the space outside of visiting hours, to hang out and share dialogues with fellow colleagues over a cup of coffee and sometimes leftovers from the café.
19 Feb–4 Mar 2021 (16:00–16:00)
Seilduken Spiseri, KHIO
Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kou / Lighter

We would like to invite you all to the exhibition "Lighter" by Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kou in the box the next two weeks. There will be no opening due to the current corona restrictions.

Breadbox hopes that you will take a couple of minutes of your time to come down (or up) to the café. This time around, breadbox will unfortunately not supply coffee, but we hope that you will come regardless to witness the exhibition.

Your scarlet bowels lie in the heat of the asphalt. You are distorted in my vision, surrounded by a void. A couple, they look in love, has just passed by, leaving heat now vaporizing in the hot sun, vanishing from your smouldering eyes.

Beads of dew still cling to the window, saturating a drowsy bleary dawn.
The windowsill is now loaded with surface tension.
It swells up a faint fungus gnat, a bare rush, like the endless rattles from your sole last night. It is margined with a drenching body. In the traces of the dampness.
In silence.

The flesh awaits the bleak, dry dimness.