12–14 Feb 2021 (16:00–15:00)
Seilduken 1
Jasper Siverts / Hail Hi'roglyphic State Machine

A choreography for pillories and documentations.

"Hail Hi'roglyphic State Machine,
Contriv'd to Punish Fancy in: Men that are Men, in thee can feel no Pain,
and all thy Insignificants Disdain.
Contempt, that false New Word for Shame,
Is without Crime an empty Name.
A Shadow to Amuse Mankind,
But never frights the Wife or Well-fix'd Mind:
Vertue despises Humane Scorn,
And Scandals Innocence adorn.Exhaulted on thy Stool of State,
What Prospect do I fee of Sov'reign Fate;
How th' Inscrutables of Providence,
Differ from our contracted Sence;
Here by the Errors of the Town,
The Fools look out and Knaves look on.
Persons or Crimes find here the same respect, And Vice does Vertue oft Correct,
The undistinguished Fury of the Street,
Which Mob and Malice Mankind Greet:
No Byafs can the Rabble draw,
But Dirt throws Dirt without respect to Merit, or to Law."

Seilduken 1
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