MFA students at The Academy of Fine Art at KHIO have conventionally been examined in a group exhibition at the end of their studies*. This academic year, and for the first time, the final year Master students will present individual projects in different spaces at KHIO and around Oslo. These 15 newly developed projects will be diverse in form and will take place at different times during the spring semester. Some of the projects will open simultaneously so that audiences can experience up to five presentations at the same time. * The graduating students will still take part in a curated group exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus in April 2021. This exhibition, however, will no longer be their final exam.
19–28 Feb 2021 (18:00–19:00)
FM 90,5, and locations in Oslo
Eirik Hvinden Melstrøm / The B-­Flat Society

The B-­Flat Society will come to life on February 19th, and its launch will be celebrated with a varied program throughout the following week. This includes live radio broadcasts at FM90,5 every day between 6-­7pm, the release of a cassettetape publication containing soundworks by Eirik Melstrøm, as well as speaker installations projecting works of B-­Flat at specific locations in Oslo.

The B-­Flat Society is an initiative dedicated to the encouragement, promotion and distribution of the note B-­Flat, including the scales B-­Flat Major and B-­Flat Minor.

See for more information.

A radio will be stationed in Social Space at KHiO, for those wanting to tune in at school.

The B-­Flat Society Speaker Box:

  • Deichmanske Library Bjørvika, Oslo (3rd Floor). Address: Anne Cath Vestlys Plass 1, 0150 Oslo
  • NMH – Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo. (Foaje). Address: Slemdalsveien 11, 0369 Oslo.
  • Elvebakken Videregående Skole, Oslo. Adresse: Vestre Elvebakke 3, 0182 Oslo. (Postponed due to Covid19)
  • University of Oslo. Faculty of Humanities. Niels Treschows Hus (entrance). Address: Niels Henrik Abels vei 36, 0313 Oslo. (Postponed due to Covid19)
  • Øveriet, rehearsal space collective, Oslo. Address: Waldemar Thranes gate 98, 0175 Oslo. (Postponed due to Covid19)

INSTAGRAM: bflatsociety