MFA students at The Academy of Fine Art at KHIO have conventionally been examined in a group exhibition at the end of their studies*. This academic year, and for the first time, the final year Master students will present individual projects in different spaces at KHIO and around Oslo. These 15 newly developed projects will be diverse in form and will take place at different times during the spring semester. Some of the projects will open simultaneously so that audiences can experience up to five presentations at the same time. * The graduating students will still take part in a curated group exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus in April 2021. This exhibition, however, will no longer be their final exam.
5–14 Mar 2021 (12:00–17:00)
virtual exhibition
Seyedeh Mehregan Meysami / Don’t Trust Your Eyes

Mehregan Meysami
Don’t Trust Your Eyes

5-14 March 2021
Virtual Exhibition

Don’t Trust Your Eyes is a documentation of a decaying flower bouquet in my home, within 34 days, on 34 stripes of 16mm film. This work is a crossover from photography to experimental filmmaking, questioning the correlation between photographic image, representation, and movement. The relativity of time to length in 16mm film, gives the possibility of translating length into time. In this project I used a pinhole camera as a low-tech device for employing a relatively blind way of image-making. In which, the lack of viewfinder imposes a lack of control; as there is no possibility of adjusting composition and previewing the subject in front of the camera.

Now that due the current pandemic circumstances internet has become the ‘safe place of union and connectivity more than ever, for my graduation project at KHiO I decided to make a time-specific show that reflects on the current state of living. For this reason I came up with the idea of moving my solo exhibition on the internet, for reaching out to wider range of audience, particularly those who cannot arrive to Norway due to the strict border controls and travel restrictions --while our global village is breaking into isolation and border-protected nations.

My works often carry reflections of my own life, and contain a quasi-autobiographical quality. I started working on this body of work during the time that I was at home encountering the still life of the domestic routines more than ever. This experience led me to my own interpretation of still life and mundane.

During the lockdown I also came to realize that under the state of being enclosed by walls, windows become the metaphorical connecting point with the outside. This was an inspiration for me to expand the link between the metaphorical window and the desire for connectivity, through the virtual windows. In this exhibition, internet is the medium, directing the viewer towards many other windows opening to different worldviews. This exhibition is an experiment on interweaving the analogue to digital, and virtual to intimate.

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